Kaitlin Kaiser

Through personal training and small group fitness classes Kaitlin hopes to inspire, motivate, and challenge her clients to step out of their comfort zone and discover a more full, vibrant life. Always bringing an energetic, creative, efficient and fun approach to fitness training, her philosophy focuses on functional movements, resistance and strength training, cardiovascular endurance, high intensity intervals, agility, and balance. Drawing from traditional training techniques as well as unconventional methods to keep the body and mind alert and challenged, she allows the individual to become more
intuitive and listen to their body to decide what works best for them. Kaitlin will work with you to set and reach your goals - whether you are looking for a fitness regimen to incorporate into your life, wanting to lose weight and tone muscle, are training for a specific race or lifestyle hobby, or simply wanting to become comfortable and familiar with the gym. Her students and clients are a constant inspiration and feed the passion for sharing her love of fitness.

Joy has been a Firehall staple since she began providing personal training at the Firehall in 2000.  She builds her training programs around her client’s needs and ambitions. Her experience includes working with individuals from all realms of life, including Individuals with personal weight loss, or fitness goals, women facing mid-life health issues and those with chronic health conditions; including stroke, heart attack, obesity, recovering from knee, or hip replacement, pregnancy, arthritis, diabetes, and fibromyalgia. Joy’s extensive knowledge incorporates the newest and most effective fat burning, and muscle building techniques into an individualized, hands-on workout. Her methods are helpful to anyone who needs assistance in creating and implementing a fitness regimen.


Joy Bausch

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