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Kristy Coate

Kristy's goal with every client is to work herself out of a job. She strives to give each of her clients the confidence, knowledge, and self-motivation they need to be independent gym-goers. She dedicates herself to the goal of helping her clients to feel comfortable in any gym and in their own skin. 


"I want to give to clients what weight lifting has given to me; physical and mental strength, an outlet for grief, frustration and stress, a family of friends and a truly happy place they can visit whenever they need." 

"Be well- body, soul, and spirit." This is Teri's philosophy when it comes to fitness and beyond.  This core belief helps her to connect with clients from ages 14 to 86 to guide each member on their own unique fitness journey.  Her training is rooted in foundational fitness where the correct form is emphasized before the number of reps or amount of weight.  Included in her arsenal of certifications is Life Coach.  She uses these unique skills to move beyond just the physical level to discover the root issues concerning client's struggles and plateaus.  In both her group fitness classes and group personal training she creates an atmosphere that naturally forms a fitness family that provides accountability and encouragement to have members continue to invest in their body even outside of the gym.  

Nicknamed Killer Mrs Miller, Teri is sure to challenge you physically while supporting you mentally and emotionally on your journey to a healthier version of yourself. 


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Teri Miller

F I R E H A L L  F I T N E S S  C E N T E R
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